Solar Chimney – Cool Garden Beyrouth

Solar Chimney – Cool Garden Beyrouth
a prefabricated cooling urban garden based on windcatcher chimney principle
In overly congested Beyrouth, inhabitants are suffocating among the humming sound of the thousands aircon split systems.
Could inspiration from ancient middle eastern refreshment technics be reintroduced so as to rely less on fossil energy and produce private intimate resting places in bustling metropolis ? Tokyo-like density meets arabic knowledge.
So is the idea of the cool urban garden unit, using the wind catching tower chimney principle to refresh a compact private entity in the concrete urban landscape. The sun heat, rather than the wind, is accelerating an air movement that passes through plants and water pond, to deliver freshness and eventually animates a wind turbine.
Adjoining an enclosed mostly prefabricated garden unit to your house, observing the mediterranean privacy requirements, allows you to enjoy an extra comfort based on natural energy.


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