Solar South Park Competition


‘The singing valleys’ presents a linear system which produces, stores and provides electrical energy. It is integrated in the full length of the “solar south park”. Despite its name, Solar South Park will be mainly oriented towards use of wind energy.
The quality of this proposal lies in the combination of pre-existing elements such as natural topography, bridge structures and wind patterns blowing from the sea into the valleys and vice-versa throughout the year following studies of local wind roses’ patterns and a basic macro and micro climatological research. A minimalistic addition of willowy stripes vibrating in the breeze and providing energy elegantly links all bridge structures and the surrounding breathtaking natural scenery. The structure can then melt with the elements which themselves contribute to a unique combination of land-sound-scape.

Visual experience
The use of the Windbelt technology patented by Humdinger Wind Energy LLC will be a groundbreaking innovation. This non-turbine system, with its unique features, will also attract many visitors thus enhance the capacity of this linear and sequential park dedicated to green energy.

Sound harmony
The vibrating stripes can provide sounds, such as huge harps, giving to this already unique installation the possibility to stay interactive with DJ’s coming to this place in order to create musical compositions. The solar south park will provide these very original features and enable to swing the valleys at desired major events. The stripes can also be adjusted to different patterns and can produce minimal sounds if necessary.

The green promenade
This rehabilitated highway, besides being the energy generating motor at the bridge and tunnel sections, will also provide space for the excess energy storage and parking.
The car parks will also facilitate, with sufficient space for the parking and access points, for delivery and public service (fire brigade, police, ambulances…) vehicles reaching cafes and restaurants to be built by private lessors and thus contributing to this unique scenario. This portion of the rehabilitated highway will be for pedestrians only -except for delivery and public service vehicles of course- with shadowy areas under the trees and fresh areas around small ponds. The cantilevering decks of these cafes and restaurants will provide breathtaking views of the valleys and of the sea (they may also be linked to the parallel access road and connect to car traffic; another option could be to park one’s car in the tunnels and take the existing emergency escape corridors to reach the green promenade).

Projet : Solar South Park Competition
Lieu : Region of Calabria, South Italy
Année : 2010
With Hyekyung Lim and Albert Abut Architecture

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