Halfway between garden shed and tea pavilion, OpenCab is conceived as a welcoming retreat for the one who needs to take a step out of everyday frenziness.
Simple and rustic, yet OpenCab provides what counts:
– a shelter for rain or sun
– a seating to rest
– a storage for the goods
– a table for the convenience
– a open view to the surroundings

OpenCab combines adaptability, cost effective construction, warmth of fine wood. You will receive your OpenCab modules delivered on palettes with comprehensive instructions to assemble them yourself.
Far from the bippers of modern society, rain or shine, inside or outside, get the space and time you deserve for meditation, openness and minimalism…

Projet : OpenCab
Concours Fondation Hermès
Année 2013
Avec Gildas Hespel. Menuiserie d’art.

OPenCab00 OPenCab0.5 OPenCab0.6 OPenCab0.7 OPenCab01 OPenCab02 OPenCab03 OPenCab04 OPenCab05 OPenCab06 OPenCab07 OPenCab08 OPenCab09